Why Nigeria is the most stressed-out country in the world

70.1% of the total Nigerian population is under stress (Shutterstock.com)

Feeling a little stressed? A recent study has found that Nigeria is the most stressed country in the world... find out more here.

How many of you are stressed out about something right now? You, you and you too? Well, it’s no surprise. A whopping 70.1% of the total Nigerian population is under stress, making the country the most stressed out in the world!

A new study published by Bloomberg has ranked 74 countries based on the stressfulness of their living environments. Titled Most Stressed-Out: Countries, results reveal life as toughest in Nigeria, and easiest in Norway.

Estimates are based on the information from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Monetary Fund, Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, Transparency International and World Health Organization.

Each country is allocated points for each of the variables based on its relative position in the specified category’s rankings. The country that scores the least stressful measure is given 0 points, while the country with the highest stress level scores 100.

Seven equally weighted variables are considered to make up the country’s total score. Each variable is also allotted an average for a final score between 0 – 100. The higher the score, the more stressful the living environment is. For Nigeria, results reveal the following:

·         Annual homicide rate is 12.2 per 100 000, relatively high compared to various other countries whose score is from 0.3 – 2.

·         While GDP per capita is $1 676 income inequality stands at 48.8.

·         Nigeria scored 27 on corruption, a far cry from Finland and Denmark that each scored 90.

·         However, the unemployment rate is sixth highest at 23.9%.

·         While many countries’ life expectancy measure at an average between 70 – 80 points, Nigeria’s is at a low of 53.

Curb your stress

Now that you know the facts, the question is: How can you combat stress, and ultimately decrease the country’s overall stress levels? The answers are not set in stone but we’ve collated a number of ways you can start managingyour stress levels:

Manage your work environment

Avoid listening to your chatty colleague

Put an end to procrastination

Manage your finances

Learn how to negotiate a higher salary

Find out whether you’re being paid enough

Manage your job

Become more efficient at work

Find new ways to stay motivated in your current job

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