Why the festive season is the best time to continue your job search

The holiday season is a smart time to continue with your job search (Shutterstock.com)

Finding a job anytime of the year is no be small thing o! Here's why you should keep your job search moving during the holidays.

As the festive season kicks in, many job seekers swap their job hunting efforts to shop for Christmas goodies instead. While the conventional wisdom may say employers aren’t hiring during this time of year, the truth is the holiday season is a smart time to continue your job search.

Although business may have slowed down, employers will continue to hire when they need new employees. For some companies, a slower holiday season means more time to focus on getting people behind the desk come January.

So before you exhaust all your energy on shopping for Christmas gifts, here are a few reasons why you should use some of that energy to boost your job search. You might even be able to give yourself the perfect holiday gift: landing your dream job!

More job opportunities for you

There’s no denying that the competition for the best jobs is real. Every corporate company is flooded with job applications. And if you’re looking for that coveted position, especially in a saturated field like media and marketing, chances are that competition is tough.

However, if you continue with your job search during the holidays, you can get a jump on the competition, since many job seekers will have put a brake on their job search. So by sending in your job application now, you can easily stand out from the thinning crowd.

Recruiters pay more attention to you

Everybody loves a bit of attention from time to time. And if it’s coming from recruiters, then who’s complaining?

During the festive season, recruiters feel the decrease in numbers of job applicants and will be most keen to receive an application from an interesting candidate. So whether to work in Nigeria's technology sector, the oil and gas industry or are looking for a job in human resources, now’s the time to put your best foot forward and get on recruiters’ must-interview lists.

Keep in mind though that the festive season will mean more time spent reviewing CVs and longer interviewing processes. But because you’re a qualified job seeker, you have nothing to worry about.

Christmas parties are networking opportunities

From big parties to festive dinners, the Christmas season is jam-packed with endless parti, which means more opportunities to rub shoulders with people who might help you on your job search.

So at your next dinner party, make sure to get talking and tell people about your career goals. You’ll never know when you’ll hit the jackpot. Once you’ve made connections with the right people, don’t be afraid to follow up and keep things going. But be sure not to come on too strong - it IS the holiday season after all, so keep some festive cheer.

Keep up the momentum

Although you may feel you need to use this time to recuperate, especially of you’ve been searching for a job for a while now, job searching during the holidays often means never losing momentum of finding your dream job.

No one says you can’t take a couple of days off to enjoy this time, but taking weeks or months off will make it harder to get back in the job hunting rhythm.

While job searching is hard work, especially during the festive season, this the best time to accelerate your job hunt as many job seekers decide to take it easy. If you’re serious about propelling your career, now is the time to do so.