Jobs only found during the December holidays

The Christmas holidays are a great time to make extra income while enjoying the festivities (

The December holidays are a great time for job seekers to find festive themed job opportunities. Here are a few of your options...

There is no better way to fully immerse yourself into the spirit of the holiday’s festivities than to partake in the festivities yourself - while getting paid. Plenty of jobs pop up during the December holidays to accommodate the influx of holiday shoppers, intimate family quality time, and the infectious festive spirit.

If you’d like to make a quick buck while satisfying your FOMO (while opening yourself to exciting networking opportunities), you should consider one of these season-specific jobs:

Father Christmas

Many malls, Christmas parties, schools, crèches and corporate events require Father Christmas to make an appearance. If you’ve got an extra Santa costume lying around (or you can just hire one), you are perfect for this position.

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If you want to make a lasting impression, be prepared to be extra nice, extra jolly, extra cheerful, and not tired at all. With a Colgate smile that'll put Miss Universe to shame, at least 10kgs of patience, and a camera ready attitude (think like a Kardashian), you'll be the highlight of Christmas 2015. Don't let the non-stop camera flashes, sticky children, protective parents and impatient shoppers dampen your spirit.

In the all-powerful Santa costume you can turn all frowns upside down.

Christmas Elf

Where there’s a Father Christmas, there are little elves not far away. While Santa gets to sit the entire day granting wishes, you’ll be the one that’s really in charge. Without you, there’d be utter chaos in the line, on the stage, with the handling of gifts… this job is actually the most important.

At the same time, you’re able to be more jovial by making all guests feel special and make them laugh. If you’re a natural entertainer and can handle the pressure and responsibility of ensuring a Very Merry Christmas experience, then you’re destined to play this (paying) role.

If you also know how to work a camera then there’s a couple of extra bucks and more importantly, extra cheer on the cards for you this holiday as an elf photographer. You’ll literally be a memory creator and your photos will be among the most sentimental pieces of family history for years to come. 

Christmas Caroller

Get your music sheets out, dust them off, and start exercising those vocal chords. Channel your inner Omawumi or Tiwa Savage and send in your application to sing all your favourite Christmas Carols.

You do probably stand a greater chance of landing a gig if your singing group has more than one member, if you know all the words to the Christmas favourites, and if harmonising doesn’t frighten cats away. That, plus matching red, white and gold (but mostly red) outfits can see you in a mall, office block foyer, department store, or any Christmassy location this December.

Gift Wrapper

Everyone will be buying gifts for everyone: Co-workers for co-workers; husbands for wives, moms for kids, aunties and uncles for nieces and nephews, grandchild for granny and grandpa, and the list goes on. Many retailers employ gift wrappers to wrap these gifts in pretty paper to ensure a special Christmas morning surprise.

As a wrapper (you can call yourself AKA or Cassper Nyovest if you want) you’ll be on your feet the whole day, snipping Sellotape, folding shiny paper and curling fancy ribbons - all while smiling and spreading holiday cheer.

This is great position for the naturally creative as you should be able to produce magnificent creations from oddly sized items - fast. The key to excelling as a wrapper lies not in the speed but in your empathy.

The question is: are you able to treat every parcel as if it's especially wrapped for your very own loved one?

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