2 websites that'll secure your next job (and one that won't)

On the job hunt? Keep an eye out for these websites (Stocksnap.io)

It's no secret: Some websites enhance your professional reputation while others damage it.

In case you're still wondering of it's really true, recruiters and hiring managers will Google you before inviting you for a job interview. If what they find online contradicts what is presented on your CV, you can forget about landing an interview. However, if what they find about you online enhances your professional reputation, your chances of getting hired will increase immensely.

So which websites are likely to help your job hunt? These three:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals from around the world. It has made global networking easy. You’re able to join communities of people that share your interests and discuss the latest developments in your industry and share ideas.

Need an ‘in’ at a reputable Nigerian oil and gas company? Simply search LinkedIn’s database and ‘Add’ it's hiring manager, it’s head of department, and your future co-workers to your network.

LinkedIn's premium features allow you to contact anyone on the platform - from that recruiter who just viewed your profile to the hiring manager who's interested in you.

2. Careers24

As one of Nigeria's leading job portal, Careers24 has thousands of vacancies available for you, posted by hundreds of recruiters. Once you’ve created a profile, applying for jobs is literally one click away. The platform also enables you to sign up so you can get jobs emailed to you directly. If you opt in, recruiters can even find you without you ever applying!

The website's career advice section is jam-packed with up-to-date information to make your job search easier.

So which website is likely to harm your job hunt?

3. Facebook

Remember when it was said that hiring managers definitely Google you? This is one place you may not want them to see. If you haven’t already taken advantage of the privacy settings that Facebook offers, it may be the reason why you haven’t had any call-backs yet.

You may think you’re awesome because you have a million friends, have regular parties with them, and can afford the most expensive drinks, but your next boss is not impressed. In fact, he is the opposite.

No company wants to be associated with unprofessional behaviour or conflict magnets, so stay away from posting rowdy pictures, embarrassing personal issues and controversial opinions and arguments. Always keep it professional.