Cover letter mistakes sabotaging your chances of getting hired

Don't be victim to silly cover letter mistakes (Stocksnap)

Your cover letter could make or break your CV. Make sure you get it right with these top tips from Careers24.

Whether you like it or not, your cover letter is the holy grail of any and all job applications. Even if a job application doesn't require that you send a cover letter, it's in your best interest as a motivated candidate to send one. In your quest to charm recruiters, make sure you don't fall prey to these cover letter mistakes.

1. Leaving your cover letter for the last minute

Considering how tough it already is to write a cover letter, throwing it together at the last minute or updating an existing one, is might land you an interview here and there - if you're lucky. Just like executing a brilliant marketing campaign, putting together a great cover letter takes time and dedication. If your brand is well-defined, it'll win interviews, increase your salary potential and put you in a better position to win the hearts of recruiters.

2. Desperate times DON't call for desperate measures

Your cover letter is the best way to show potential employers who you are, what you can bring to the table and most importantly, why they should consider you above all the other candidates. But writing a long, soppy letter about how you feel the world is against you because no one else will hire you, is not going to land you an interview.

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3. Being arrogant or sending empty threats

Writing things like "I'll boost sales by 200% in the first month you hire me" or "I'll target you, your boss and your mother, if you don't hire me" is taking the wrong approach, and likely to leave recruiters thinking "who's screwed now?" once you land on their blacklists. Rather than telling potential employers how better off they'll be by hiring you, humbly talk about your accomplishments and illustrate what you can do for them.

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5. Sending out a CV cover letter not related with the job position

We get it. You're on your umpteenth cover letter, and frankly, you're sick and tired of crafting articulately written, cleverly punchy and concisely defined art pieces. But imagine how recruiters feel when they receive yet another generic, waffled cover letter - you guessed it! Sick and tired!

Rather spend the time and effort working on your cover letter so that recruiters know you're addressing them and not just anyone, and soon enough, you'll reap the rewards.

If you've been sending out job applications for a while, maybe the answer to no responses is hidden in your cover letter. With many cover letter tips, Careers24 is here to help you make the change.