9 easy tech fixes to help you work more efficiently

You can easily work more efficient by using some quick fixes. (ShutterStock)

If you catch yourself browsing deep inside the crypts of the World Wide Web sometimes while you should be working, these 9 quick and easy computer and cell phone fixes might help you to work more efficiently.

When doing your job requires a computer, you probably know that it can get really hard to concentrate from time to time and you start wandering off to all kinds of social networks and news and entertainment sites. However, there are some resources like apps or extensions to help avoid being distracted from your work.  

If you catch yourself browsing deep inside the crypts of the World Wide Web sometimes, these 9 quick and easy computer and cell phone fixes might help you to work more efficiently.

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To stay on track

The distractions from doing your actual job are endless, and not being efficient might cost you. Luckily, there are some quick fixes to stay on track. Try installing an ad blocker to not get distracted by those shiny shoes, or a fixer app to keep your social media feeds less cluttered and distracting.

Also, you don’t need notifications for every little thing that happens. Consider, for instance, to turn your email notifications off. Checking and answering to emails on set times during the day is enough, you don’t need to read them the second they come in. And for God’s sake stop subscribing to all those annoying email newsletters from sites you never visit - you know you don’t even read them anyway.

To not get distracted by your phone

If you have an office phone, or don’t need your cell phone for work, put in in a drawer so it’s not in your eyesight the whole time. Or at least put it on silent. You can set limits for yourself to when and how long you can use your phone every day.

Just like on your computer, kill your smartphone’s notifications. Or if you’re feeling extra brave today, delete the social media apps from your phone altogether.

To make internet browsing more efficient

Ah, the internet, where you can find anything and everything. Don’t you just love how the sky is the limit when going online? Well, your boss might not. If you know you’ll need the internet for your work today, do it first and unplug after. If you need the internet all day, try creating a different browser for your social networks and remove the bookmarks in the browser you use for work. You will be less tempted to go take a look.

Even more drastic, you can use extensions to block certain sites. And if even that doesn’t work, your boss might have to install parental control for all the naughty employees.

To clean up your desktop

Desktops can get messy and are often more of a junk drawer than anything else. One option is to try a desktop wallpaper organizer that will help you arrange your files. A second option you could try is a more radical change: stop using your desktop as a desktop and try a clock or the weather info instead.

To make your battery last longer
Tired of having to bring your laptop charger everywhere during the day? Next time you won’t have to worry about having a low battery during a meeting. Try battery saving settings to control push notifications, screen brightness and other similar functions.  You could also download apps like BatteryCare who keeps stats about your power and will give tips to optimize your battery life.

To stop searching for all your login details 

As the smart grown-up you are, I’m sure you have different, long and complex passwords for different sites and accounts. Also as the smart grown-up you are, you probably didn’t save those passwords anywhere for security reasons. But lucky us, as our good friends in IT sectors have created applications like Authy where you can securely sync all your accounts and devices into one service.

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To keep your messages in one place

There are services out there, like Franz, that will keep all your messages in one place. You can even add multiple accounts or numbers for the same app, like WhatsApp for instance, so you can still have separate personal and work accounts, but receive and send messages from one and the same app. 

The same goes for all your news apps and –alerts. Use services that combine world news from multiple sources, or use an app for daily newsletters with only headlines. 

To merge all your clouds

Are you getting worked up because you can’t find that one file and you don’t remember what storage account you put it in? Try services that allow you to access all your cloud storage in one space. Otixo, for example, even lets you search in all the accounts at once, and you can easily move files between services. 

To work faster

Stop clicking menu after menu to do the same actions over and over again. Start creating easy shortcuts for apps or commands you frequently use.  You can find a step-by-step guide to create shortcuts for Windows and for Mac on their websites.

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