6 jobs that are more dangerous than you would expect

Some jobs are more dangerous than you think. (Shutterstock)

There are some very good reasons why these 6 jobs are way more dangerous than you would expect them to be.

Some jobs are clearly more dangerous than others. In many jobs, however, the risks aren’t that obvious and the jobs appear to be safer than they really are. For some of the following jobs we often assume that they are not any more risky than sitting at a desk all day, but there are some very good reasons why these 6 jobs are way more dangerous than you would expect them to be.


According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cashiers are the 20th most dangerous jobs for non-fatal injuries and illnesses requiring days off from work.

The most obvious risk when dealing with customers all day is the viruses people spread by breathing on you. As a cashier, you are more exposed to colds and flu than at many other jobs. Even robbery and health issues like the carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen feet, back and neck pain and sleep problems due to working different shifts are also common issues. Another possible hazard is the presence of a substance called Bisphenol A in receipts which is especially harmful for unborn babies.

Financial advisers and accountants

Being a financial adviser or an accountant comes with a lot of stress and this job has a very high rate of depression. Looking at big figures and dealing with well-off clients all day can really put you in your place when looking at your own money matters.

There comes a lot of responsibility with this job as well. People expect you to know every single product being advertised and make money for them by doing great investments but you don’t have a crystal ball to predict or control the market. Clients don’t always realise they’re not the only one whose financials you’re looking after. You need to invest a lot of your time into keeping up with the market changes and clients’ demands. No wonder burn-outs are very common in this line of work.

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Nurses, and to a greater extent all health care workers, see high rates of depression and physical problems. Nurses are on their feet for long hours and lifting and transferring patients can cause a lot of back injuries.

Since nurses are vital in the care of patients and many hospitals are understaffed, chronic overtime causes a lot of nurses to be overworked and tired. Unfortunately three out of four nurses have reported experiences of violence on the job, both verbally and physically.

Undergoing this kind of abuse can have serious long-term effects on employees. Lastly, when working at a hospital you are regularly exposed to hazardous chemicals; from cleaning products and disinfectants to dangerous gasses like anesthetic waste. This can cause acute asthma attacks and other side-effects but also poses great risk to unborn babies.

E-waste recyclers

Someone who dismantles and recycles old cell phones, tablets, television sets and other electronic waste is exposed to some very dangerous substances. Precious metals such as gold sliver and palladium need to be separated from other components that can be thrown away. The process of separation, however, often releases heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and beryllium. These chemicals can cause neurological problems and diseases like lead poisoning. Even simply collecting the material poses a potential threat to the health of employees.

Web content moderators

As a web content moderator you either search the web and go through hundreds of newly uploaded content or you go through the content that is already reported by other users. This content often entails photos and videos but can also be rude and repulsive comments.

In this line of your work you’re actually well off with ‘only’ insults and libel, because it often gets much worse. You run into images of child pornography, terrorist beheadings and graphic gang killings. The psychological impact cannot be underestimated. Some of the images can haunt you for the rest of your life. Another danger is that it could make the employee desensitized to this kind of images and this can affect their behaviour and relations in their personal life as well.

Every job entails risks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness in your job. If you can’t, then maybe it’s time to move on. Go browse thousands of new vacancies and find your perfect fit!