5 high paying jobs this festive season

Christmas time doesn't have to bring financial stress when you can easily make more money (Shutterstock.com)

If all you want for the festive season is more money, these seasonal jobs will help you get some extra cash this Christmas.

The festive season is upon us again which means peace, joy and added financial stress if you’re worried about how you’ll afford all the Christmas gifts you need to buy. Although a seasonal job might not be at the top of your list, working a few extra hours in one of these jobs could allow you to spoil your family and friends this holiday season.

Social media manager

If you have a knack for audience acquisition through creative social media communication, then managing the social media accounts of a company could be a great opportunity for you.

Find social media manager jobs.

Customer Service Representative

During the festive season, many new products are bought – which increases the likelihood of customer complaints. In this case, customer service is crucial, and representatives are needed to answer to customers.

Find customer service representative jobs.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators need to have experience in developing and executing marketing strategies and other related tasks.

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If you’re a decorator, then finding a seasonal job in retail stores across the country during the season should come easily. Decorators earn an average of R187 per hour for their services setting up events and other similar activities.


Santa Claus is famous with the kids for giving away toys, but he’s also well-known for taking pictures to capture the moments. As a photographer, you could be the person behind the lens. Whether working with Santa or taking snaps of events, if you have photography skills, it could be a good time to make extra cash.


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