13 jobs with the highest earning potential

If you want to earn big bucks, you will have to acquire the right set of skills (Stocksnap.io)

If you want a job that will allow you to take home more niaras, you need to make sure you have the right set of skills to be in demand.

You may not be one for the belief that money can buy you anything. But if research is anything to go by, you’ll soon learn that many people still consider salary and compensation to be top of the list when thinking about whether or not to accept a job.

So we scoured the web to find out which jobs currently offer the highest pay potential:

13. Developer or Programmer

Highest earning potential: N11 774 880 p/a

12. Managing Director

Highest earning potential: N11 880 000 p/a

11. Accounting or Finance Controller

Highest earning potential: N13 392 000 p/a

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10. Sales Engineer

Highest earning potential: N14 400 000 p/a

9. Human Resources Manager

Highest earning potential: N15 390 000 p/a

8. Senior Insurance Underwriter

Highest earning potential: N17 400 000 p/a

7. Logistics Manager

Highest earning potential: N17 400 000 p/a

6. Electric and Gas Operations Manager

Highest earning potential: N19 006 500 p/a

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5. Equipment Engineer

Highest earning potential: N22 800 000 p/a

4. Water Treatment Superintendent 

Highest earning potential: N25 300 000 p/a

3. Chief Executive Officer

Highest earning potential: N32 400 000 p/a

2. Legal Services Director

Highest earning potential: N36 000 000 p/a

1. Company Vice President

Highest earning potential: N60 000 000 p/a

However, remember that in this digital age, a great paycheck is not the be-all and end-all of job satisfaction. One important aspect to remember is developing skills that will be in high demand in the future. The increase in artificial intelligence machines is threatening to replace certain job skills, and form a bigger part of our workforce by 2020 (that’s 4 years from now)!

Those who want to keep their place in this progressively competitive job market and of course earn the big bucks will over the next few years have to change the way they think and act and acquire the right set of skills.

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