Perks of being a developer

Being a developer has a lot of perks. (

We found out that developers may be the envy of everyone who has a different career…

Limitless coffees. Breakfast meals prepared on-site. Demand demand demand. Developers have the luxury of working for companies that offer some of the best perks in business. We take a look at just a few of these:


If you’re an independent developer you need to first have the right idea and clients for your idea to be able to make a lot of money. If you’re working for a company, like in most other jobs, your salary will depend on your skills and experience. As a web developer your average monthly salary will be between $1 321 and $36 766. As a software developer, the average monthly salary will be between $7 136 and $100 000. Software engineers will have a highest earning potential of $33 000 per year. 

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As a developer you can be very creative when doing your job. You basically need to find and build a solution for any kind of problem. This often means creating new, sometimes even revolutionary, software or applications.

Being able to be creative in your job results in a very rewarding feeling when you are part of a developing team, or when you have developed something for your own personal use to make life simpler.

Just imagine the satisfaction knowing that thousands of people around the world are using the application you created, making their lives more convenient, more fun, and more interesting.


Being a developer means you can work from wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have access to a computer and to the internet. You are free to design your own lifestyle as long as you get your projects done.

Even if you’re working for a big company as a developer, you still don’t have to worry. The Tech Sector has a reputation of not sticking to the classic 9-to-5 working days. Many corporate jobs are giving more freedom to developers. After all, it’s not like you need to be in during office hours to pick up the phone and communicate with clients.

Company culture

The Tech Industry is famous for offering incredible perks to their employees. Companies like Hootsuite and Google offer perks like free cafeteria, a fitness centre, or nap pods. Other local companies furnish their office space with pool boards, ping pong tables, and often offer free snacks and discount coffee. The company culture at these companies is often very laidback. They value people and make sure developers are working in an environment they enjoy, in order to up the creativity.


As a developer your CV is often in the format of a portfolio. You will get hired based on what you’ve accomplished and created, and based on your skillset. The demand for developers is so high, that it doesn’t only reflect on the salary, but also means a degree isn’t always required. On top of that, everything you need to learn to become a developer is available online.

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Being a developer means you probably won’t be struggling to get a job. More and more things in our daily lives are somehow connected to software, and good developers are sometimes hard to find. So learning how to code could be one of the best decisions you make in your life. The web will most likely never go away, so a career as a developer will offer you stability and long term career viability.

Isn’t that living the dream?! 


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