8 most promising jobs of 2017

2017 is proving to be one of the most promising years for job seekers (Stocksnap.io)

If you're looking for job opportunities which will lead to greater future prospects, these are the jobs you should consider this year.

As 2017 continues, it’s proving to be one of the most promising years for ambitious jobseekers. Despite what is happening on the world stage or perhaps because of it, amazing job opportunities abound for those eager enough to look for a more promising position.

LinkedIn recently published a list of the most promising jobs of 2017, compiling data about job growth, salary, and advancement options to create an easy-to-understand score with which one can evaluate different occupations. The following 8 occupations received the highest scores in their research, beginning with a 10 for a customer success manager and ending with a 7 for a programme manager. This means that jobseekers looking for positions that will lead to greater futures should seriously consider searching for one of these fantastic jobs:

1.Customer Success Manager

It’s long been said that “the customer is always right,” but these days, the customer also tends to be the star focus of a business’s marketing and sales strategy. A customer success manager (CSM) is in charge of leading a customer success team to improve the customer experience by any means necessary. 

2. Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineering (SRE) is an emerging field for software engineers to contribute to web development. Rather than running an operations team, many businesses are hiring site reliability engineers to develop automated solutions to tech-based problems. According to the VP of Engineering at Google, it helps to have a software or systems background to break into this occupation.

3. Product Manager

Often dubbed “the CEO of the product,” the product manager is responsible for nearly every aspect of a product, from its ideation to its implementation, from the definition of its features to a strategy for its marketing. Because product managers have their fingers in several business processes, most claim advanced business education, such as an online MBA, no GMAT required.

4. Financial Analyst

The role and responsibility of a financial analyst depends almost entirely on the worker’s level of experience. A financial analyst who has spent an entire career in the financial services industry might develop investment theses, interfacing directly with investors and management teams. Conversely, a young financial analyst is more likely to work primarily with a computer, gathering data and maintaining spreadsheets. Still, an entry-level analyst can earn about $14 205 per year.

5. Technical Program Manager

Working closely with product managers, technical program managers (TPMs) determine how to integrate necessary product features. Often, TPMs hail from a tech background since they primarily work with computer code. Yet, the unique skills for this job tend to earn workers about $16 875 per year in base salary.

6. Data Engineer

Sometimes called data infrastructure engineers, these professionals build and maintain software that allows computation over massive data sets. Usually software engineers with a flair for data management can earn $12 007 per year.

7. Scrum Master

Though it might sound like an athletic career or perhaps a janitorial position, the scrum master is actually a business professional. Scrum is an emerging strategy of software development that combines the talents of a product owner and five to nine specific workers led by a scrum master, who uses precise leadership methods to facilitate product creation. Though it might seem simplistic, scrum is exploding in popularity.

8. Program Manager

In 2017, businesses will be exceedingly interested in improving their performance. Unlike product managers or TPMs, program managers are big-picture workers who imagine overall objectives for a project, such as increasing lead generation or raising brand awareness.

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Original article: LinkedIn

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