Careers24 reveals the latest recruitment trends in engineering

Job postings in the engineering industry grow, while jobseekers decrease (Shutterstock)

Careers24's recruitment trends report reveals some interesting shifts in the engineering field.

After much research, Careers24 released its latest recruitment trends report regarding recruitment trends in engineering. The data was based on patterns of usage from both recruiters looking for job candidates, and candidates applying for positions on the website.

Let the stats do the talking

The recruitment trends report found a 4% increase in engineering and construction candidate supply. What’s more, the number of applicants per job posting grew by 5%.

Further investigations revealed the following trends:

- 30% increase in job postings for the Manufacturing, Trade and Mining sectors.

- 17% increase in construction job postings which were met with a 25% reduction in applications per post

- 26% increase in posts for Design and Arts

- 31% increase in posts for Warehousing and Logistics

The highest growth in demand for candidates came from the following sectors: Admin, office and support; warehousing and logistics; manufacturing, trades and mining; and sales.

The top sectors however, from a candidate supply point of view, were engineering; finance and accounting; IT, tech and telecoms; design and arts; and manufacturing, trades and mining.

So it seems like the engineering industry has experienced significant changes in jobseeker and recruitment patterns since February. While at the beginning of the year there was an enormous 60% increase in job demand from candidates, job supply on Careers24 merely increased by 6%.

Now, while job postings have steadily increased by up to 6%, the available applicants and applicants per job have dropped by 9% and 14% respectively. With less industry competition, you now stand an even greater chance of recruiters ringing you up for a potential job.

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However, to stand a good chance of being spotted by recruiters, you’ll need to ensure that once you’ve register your CV on Careers24, it is up to date.

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