How to make 2017 your best year yet

Whether you believe in fate or not, there’s no doubt that we can manage your luck a little. Here’s how you can move yourself in the right direction and make 2017 your best year yet.

2016 is going in the books as being the most horrible year ever. We couldn’t wait until it was over and are now hoping the universe will smile upon us with an amazing new year. Or maybe, 2017 will kick us even harder…

Whether you believe in fate or not, there’s no doubt that you can influence your luck a little. Here’s how you can move yourself in the right direction and make 2017 your best year yet.

1. Learn something new

Take every opportunity you have to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new. Whether it is skills you could use professionally, or just something you enjoy in your private time, it will help you make 2017 the greatest year yet.

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2. Think about your network

In 2017 you should try to get in (back) touch with people that could lift you up professionally. Keep the relationships intact; invite them for lunch or coffee for example. You never know when there will be a time you will need to rely on your network for help.

3. Rise above office drama

Try to rise above whatever office dramas will greet you in the New Year. Be aware of what is going on and see the difference between background noise and actual important issues. And if it has nothing to do with you, continue on your path and shine bright like the model employee you are.

4. Make a habit out of thanking people

Thanking people around you, whether at work or outside of work, even for the smallest things, will make you and the other person happy. You will be spreading the good vibes and people will start thanking you back. After all, it’s a great feeling to recognize people and to be recognized.

5. Don’t have a desk lunch every day

Science has proven it; it’s very bad for your health to have a desk lunch. So if you have the bad habit of having a desk lunch every day, try fixing this. For instance, set a fixed day per week where you will go outside to have lunch.

6. Set work progress goals

In 2017, start upping your skills at work. Set specific goals for skills you want to learn that will help your career growth. You can do this with, or without the support of your manager. People will be positively surprised about how you pick up stuff and keep reinventing yourself. You might even get a promotion out of it.

7. Become an expert

Strive to become an expert in something in your field this year. The goal is to be the designated person to go to when people need help with a certain issue. You can even use your expert skills to get a raise or a promotion.

8. Recruit a reinvention buddy

Recruit a buddy, inside or outside work, who has the same goal of reinventing himself and organise get-togethers at least once a month. Talk to each other about your goals and progress, reflect on what you have done, and motivate each other to do even better.

9. Eliminate self-sabotage

Realise that nothing can take you down, especially not yourself. Don’t be your own worst enemy -  get disciplined. Finish your tasks first and use the remaining time for the Facebook browsing or other stress- relieving activities. Do the important things first instead of thinking you’ve still got enough time left and will get it done later.

10. Put yourself in situations that stimulate growth

To outdo yourself, you sometimes need to put yourself in situations that might be uncomfortable at first. But they will help you learn and grow and you will come out even better. So build up the courage, step outside your comfort zone,  and ask if you can join in for a certain meeting. 


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