How to advance your career in 60 minutes and impress your boss in the process

Achieve a lot, in just little time! (StockSnap)

If you have a spare hour at work, try doing these 6 10-minutes activities, and you’ll surely impress your boss in the process.

When we make a plan to advance our career we usually look at it as a long term process. What if we told you, you can take major steps to advance your career in only 60 minutes? If you take advantage of every little bit of spare time and use those minutes well, you might be up for promotion in no time.

If you have a spare hour at work, try doing these 6 10-minutes activities, and you’ll surely impress your boss in the process.

Take a walk

Whenever you have 10 free minutes, for example, in between two projects you’re working on, instead of browsing through the web and doing nothing you should go outside and take a walk. While walking around the office, try not to think of anything in particular but just look at the world and what is happening around you. Afterwards, you’ll be able to look at your work with fresh eyes and new ideas and solutions to problems will come to you in no time. 

Subscribe to a new podcast

While driving to work, during down-time, or while answering these standard emails, it’s a good idea to listen to podcasts that are informative and entertaining at the same time. You can learn a lot and be inspired by listening to other people’s career stories. So when you have another 10 minutes of time, browse the web for a new podcast you could subscribe to.

Watch a TED talk

Another activity you could do within 10 minutes that will help you advance your career is to watch a TED talk video. Every video you watch will teach you something about a certain subject from an expert in that field. The videos are easily accessible and progressive, which will help you to always be on top of the latest trends and theories.

Reach out to someone in your network

Make good use of 10 minutes spare time to reach out to someone in your network you haven’t seen or heard in a while. Let them know you’re thinking about them, even though you don’t specifically need their help at this point in time. This way you show that you value your professional relationships.

Learn from experts in the field

Learn from the masters by identifying the experts in the field you’re working in and spend 10 minutes of your time once in a while by reading or watching their most recent posts on social media. Pay attention to what they are saying or sharing and the way they broadcast it. Afterwards, think about how you can implement what you’ve learned into your work and impress your boss with your newly acquired knowledge and ideas.

Take a risk

Lastly, to complete the hour, take a risk. Because sometimes taking a leap of faith will bring you to places you never even dared to dream about. So email your pitch you’re still hesitant about. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. And if you fail, try again next time. Opportunities come to those who are prepared and who put in the work.  


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