9 signs your boss sees you as a threat

Some bosses will make you watch your step. (ShutterStock)

Here are 9 signs that indicate your boss is seeing you as a threat to his position.

Sometimes things are going bad at work, and you don’t really understand why. You were doing great, but now everything seems so much more difficult. Before thinking that you've suddenly lost your marketability, think about what has really changed. Maybe things aren’t working out because your boss is seeing you as a threat and is trying to put you down…

If you recognize yourself in the signs below, don’t feel too bad. Many people have gone through similar circumstances, and it’s not your fault. Here are 9 signs that indicate your boss is seeing you as a threat to his position.

1. You went from ‘rising star’ to being ‘completely incompetent’

When you first started, everyone (including your manager) was very impressed by how well you were doing and the quality of your work. Lately, you are being criticized on every little detail and you’re often called out for mistakes that don’t even exist. It seems nothing you do is ever good enough anymore.

2. You’re getting impossible deadlines

Your targets and deadlines are becoming increasingly impossible to attain. You’re not getting enough time to complete anything nor deliver the quality you know you’re capable of. It seems you’re basically set for failure before you even start.

3. You’re getting only non-visibility work

You’re being assigned all the low-impact and low-visibility work, which also results in not being invited to important meetings anymore because your presence is no longer needed or relevant. It seems you’re being purposefully excluded from things you were previously included in.

4. Your perks are taken away

The perks and benefits you initially had, and made you enjoy your job, are withdrawn. It’s getting harder for you to make a name for yourself since you can’t benefit anymore from, for instance, travelling for work and networking. It seems many plusses that came with the appointment are being blocked.

5. You are completely kept in the dark

You used to be aware of all the ins and outs of the business and be able to adapt to all current evolutions. Now you don’t even know the plan for the department and don’t have a clear sight of the goals that need to be achieved. It seems you’re forced to just go with the flow of the daily grind.

6. Every single thing has to go through your boss

Everything you want to do, even the littlest thing like sending out an email, has to go through your boss first for permission. It stands in the way of you getting your work done and building professional relationships, not even to mention all the time lost by waiting for your boss’ approval.

7. Your ideas are either stomped or stolen

Every time you inform your boss about a great idea you have for the company it gets stomped or stolen. Either he dismisses it as stupid, or he uses it as his own brilliant new concept.

8. Your access to seniors is made almost impossible

Your manager is making access to senior executives, who were quite impressed by you, nearly impossible. This way they’ll have fewer opportunities to get to know what you’re capable of.

9. You are being ignored

Your boss stops replying to you, you are no longer invited to meetings, your input is never requested and whenever you want to speak to him, he is always too busy with other projects or people.

Analyze the situation and see if it’s worth the effort to bark back. If not, it’s time to step out, breathe some fresh air, and you’ll have your mojo back in no time!


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